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June 13th, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Levina Reveals Her Insta-Secrets

Kristina Levina stands for sexiness and naturalness! Mostly without make up, she inspires her almost 80K followers with her beauty and her hot body on Insta.

We met the 24-year-old for a shoot last week and asked her a few questions about her daily insta business:

Since when do you use Instagram?
For about a year now.

How much time do you spend on your profile per day?
As much as is needed. Sometimes all day, sometimes only 1/2 hour.

Did you have some kind of concept for your account from the beginning?
No I didn’t have one. It took a long time to find my style and implement this – now I’ve finally found myself to 100%.

Has the way you make pictures changed in the last few years?
Yes, very much of in quality, quantity and style.

What do you pay special attention to when taking pictures, what is important for you personally?
That everything looks natural, the pose, the location and the whole atmosphere in the picture. That it best reflects me and shows me how I really am.

And what does your community love?
That I stay authentic and natural.

What makes the perfect selfie?
Not too much make-up! A natural and fresh look.

Do you have an insider tip for us?
Always stay true to yourself. Even if there are 12 votes against you – you can’t please everyone. That’s why you should try to please yourself.

How would you describe you and the look of your photos?
I think my photos reflect me perfectly. I just have fun showing what I have – but on a very high quality level. I like to mix sexy and playful. I think that’s good for the people. I love the “girl next door look”.

Who is your Insta role model and why?
Alexis Ren! I love Alexis Ren! She has created an absolute perfect mix between sweet and sexy. I love her naturalness and her playful liberality.

Spontaneous or posted?
Posted so that is looks spontaneously or really spontaneously.

Which pose is always works?
Look over the left shoulder 😉

Cellphone or camera?
I’m not able to answer that question myself and I’m just experimenting with it.

Facetune or untouched?
A little bit doesn’t hurt 😉

Lightroom or VSCO (or other phone apps!)?
I’m always trying on Lightroom but unfortunately I have no skills therefore I’m posting often unedited images.

Favorite filter?
There is no, but I like all those who make the skin look brown.

9-5 job or full-time influencer?
Full time influencer.

5 Top Instagram Accounts to follow?

Who takes your pictures?
My Manager, friends or myself.

Your current career highlight as an influencer?
To be a team member at fitmart.de. A feature in womans health and playboy.

FOTO: instagram le_xtina In this style

Kristina Levina

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