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June 12th, 2018

One(s) to watch: These Twins Have Swag

Have you heard of the Clermont sisters Shannon and Shannade? If not, then you should just drop by on their Insta, because these twins have the potential to become as iconic as the Kardashians.

Speaking of the Kardashians – also Kanye is a big fan of the twins and booked them as models for his YEEZY Season 6 Campaign.

The two became known in 2015 through the reality show “Bad Girls Club”, a show that brings together a group of self-confessed “bad girls” to live together. There they have bullied their competitors so hard that they were eventually thrown out of the program.
They used the hate and their established image so successfully that they could make their own brand. Meanwhile, they are represented in numerous video clips, in front rows and even on the catwalk. They also opened their own online shop.

As an example, their idols are not the Kardashians, but another pair of twins – the Olsen twins! They love how they’ve changed the fashion industry, stayed true to themselves and created a mega empire. The sisters also dream of playing in movies or getting their own show.

We definitely think that this will work and keep an eye on them!

FOTO: instagram clermonttwins In this style


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