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June 6th, 2018

What We All Need Now: Crazy Glitter Eyeliner!

A little bit of glitter? For sure! This trend is not just for girly girls, but so cool that all girls want to imitate it!

It’s about next-level eyeliner! They are no longer black, but colorful and glittering. Especially at parties you will be a real eye-catcher! #ShineBrightLikeADiamond

Beauty queen Tali Quindio has tried the trend as one of the first and shows us how it works! She delights with a pink eye make-up and silver glitter highlights.

Jessica-Rose Silicz Insta feed consists almost only of glitter looks in all imaginable colors. We were most impressed by her blue artwork.

If pink and blue are too much for you, you can also follow the more natural version of blogger Khinda Hawari. The golden eyeliner blends perfectly in with her brown eye make-up.

Whatever color you choose – It’s time to shine, baby!

FOTO: instagram taliquindio In this style

Tali Quindio

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